The Storees

Our retailers tell stories through the environments they create, and the products they curate. And they're sharing them with you.

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The Experience

Intuitive. Immersive. Beautiful. This is how real life shopping actually is. This is how online commerce should be.

Snap of the displays, vignettes and walls. Capture the essence of the shop environment.


...and tag items within the image for sale. Tell stories through curation.


...all items for sale within an image. Offer a unique visual experience.


...and shop from a gallery of the most unique retail experiences. Be ready to be captivated.

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We believe every shop has a story to tell.

To us, a shop is more than a shop. It is a feeling. A destination. A unique blend
 of artisans, objects, and culture. ShopStoree captures all of that, curates it and sets
 it free for you to discover and indulge.

We believe an amazing retail experience is not confined to a physical store.
 It transcends that. It is about the joy of discovery. And we believe that kind of discovery can be experienced in a digital world.

ShopStoree re-imagines online retail to be more real by bringing stores to life so shopping is more personal, more captivating and more connected with community. Because we believe when you shop with a story it rings a happy bell in your brain.

And that is how shopping should be.

Let the ShopStoree begin.

Meet Our Team

The small team with a big vision.

Team Member 1
Team Member 1
Ricky Phung


Team Member 3
Team Member 3
Sharon Zhen


Team Member 2
Team Member 2
Shawn MacArthur


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